Daycare (now offered 7 days a week!)

full Day or half day, we have you covered!  

*No Breed restrictions! - ALL dogs must be OVER 6 months old and spayed or neutered* 

We believe that daycare should always a fun, rewarding and educating experience for all dogs! At Work & Woof we treat your pups like our own, from toys to elevated beds, outdoor time and more, we have the whole package! Treat your dogs to a day of kennel and cage free daycare. 

Weather permitting, we will will enjoy extended time outside! Know that your dogs are always in the hands of trained professionals! 

What makes Work and Woof different from other daycares: 

- High Staff to Dog Ratio

- Multiple Daily Cleanings with eco cleaning products 

- Indoor and outdoor play space 

Experience the difference!

We're all about TRANSPARENCY! We are a large open space, there is no "back" - at all times you will be able to see exactly how we treat your pups! Our team is full of professional dog handlers who also have dogs of their own. We do believe dogs can mostly resolve conflicts amongst themselves but we are always within arms reach if things escalate. If you want a tour please let us know! 

How will my 1st Evaluation day go?

Before becoming a camper at Work and Woof, we like to get to know your pup for a day to make sure they’re a good fit! We’ll schedule an Evaluation day for their first day of Daycare where they will receive extra special attention and monitoring. We will observe their play style and introduce them to other dogs one-on-one as to not overwhelm your pup and let them ease into our yard! Our trained staff will closely observe your dog throughout the day! By the end of the day you will have a report card full of pictures, behaviors and a list of their furry BFFs. Want to call and check in? Do it! As long as things go nice and smooth on their first day, they’re welcome back any time for half day or full days! 


Notes about Grooming:

Bathing, Nail trims and brush-outs available 7 days a week for dogs in house for daycare! (ask us about pricing!)

See our Guidelines HERE! 

Enjoying Daycare at Work & Woof is easy as 1, 2, 3! 

1. Request an evaluation day!, Evaluation Days are $25 (same as a full day of daycare) 

2. Fill out paperwork ahead of time OR fill it out when you bring your dog in! Don’t have vaccines on paper? Don’t worry we will call your vet!

3. Leave your pup with us to evaluate temperament, play patterns and behavior! 

Once approved, you're all set to bring your pup back as much as you want! 

***Disclaimer: We reserve the right to expel dogs who exhibit aggressive or destructive behavior such as gate rushing and/or excessively rough play. Dogs in our daycare are always on probation. Continued acceptance is never guaranteed and is subject to their behavior on any given day.***


daycare Prices: 

Evaluation Day: $25

Half Day: $18 (5 hours and under)

Full Day: $25

5 Half Day Package: $75

10 Half Day Package: $150

10 Full Day Pack: $225

20 Full Day Pack: $400

60 Full Day Pack: $1025


Hours: Monday-Friday, 7am-7pm

Saturday/Sunday: 10am-7pm

Initial “evaluation day” of daycare required before starting a regular daycare routine. A full report of your dog’s day will be given upon pickup, at which time additional daycare days can be scheduled. Owners are not permitted to stay for the Play Day Evaluation.

Evaluations must be dropped off between 7-9am and left for a minimum of 5 hours.