It all started when…

I adopted Lucca 2 months after moving to Austin, TX. She is the sweetest, most loving dog in the world but she has boundless energy 24/7. She just wants to play and run and working from home, it quickly became a problem for both of us. I started taking her to daycare but it quickly became cost prohibitive and plus I wanted to spend time with her! I looked into traditional coworking spaces but all dogs had to be well-behaved, calm or tied to a desk and after much consideration, it just wasn't a possibility. I spoke to other remote workers, freelancers and entrepreneurs who ended up forgoing the entire coworking experience because they didn't want to leave their dog at home or simply couldn't afford to do both. Then Hurricane Harvey hit Texas in August of 2017. I was out of town but when I got back I asked everyone what they did with their dogs and everyone said the same thing, "we just stayed inside". I knew there had to be a place we could go but the truth is, as dog-friendly as Austin is, there just isn't a place for dogs to run free inside. So Work & Woof was born. This is Austin's 1st Indoor/Outdoor Play Park and Coworking Space. Our motto is "You work, they play!" 

We wanted to build a space where people could come in, hand their dog off to a trained puppy professional and get some work done. We offer traditional coworking amenities in a space where you and your pup can relax under the same roof, year-round, sunshine or rain! If you want to spend time with your pup, just come into the park and play or bring them back to your desk with you, it's that easy! 

But wait, it's gets better! We wanted to help serve South Austin the best we can, this is my neighborhood and I know better than anyone that there aren't open, fenced in spaces for people to bring their dog so we built that for you too! When you come to Work & Woof you can cowork, you can play indoors but you can also relax in our 6,000 sq ft outdoor dog park! We are BYOB so bring your favorite adult beverage and come hang out and relax knowing you and your pup are BOTH having a great time!