You've got questions, we've got answers! 

Q: What are the dog requirements for Daycare?

All vaccinations must be up to date! Rabies, Distemper, Parvo (Parvovirus), and Bordatella. Lepto (Leptospirosis) is also a zoonotic disease like Rabies, which means humans can get it too. For that reason, we highly recommend a Lepto vaccine but it is not required. Many dogs get combination vaccinations such as DHPP, DA2PP, DHPPV or DA2PPV and those include Distemper and Parvo.

Dogs must be 6 months or older. 

Dogs must be spayed/neutered. 

We will need to obtain proof of vaccinations. In order to ensure all members meet the vaccinations requirement, we must file your proof in our records. You may bring a paper copy with you, or email it to if that is easier. You can register ahead of time HERE! - If you do not have paper copies, we will go ahead and call your vet for you!

Q: Are kids allowed? 

Because we are BYOB Work & Woof is 21+

Q: Can I leave my dog in the park while I work in the coworking space?

Yes for eligible members who are coworking members. For anyone else, your dog is your responsibility and must be under your supervision at all times. Dogs behave very differently when their owners are not with them, especially if they sense that you're nearby and don't want you to leave without them! 

Q: Can my dog get on the furniture?

While we don't encourage it mainly to protect the life of our furniture, we won't mind if they do. We want our guests to always be comfortable; we just recommend the use of our doggie beds for your furry BFFs.

Q: Can we bring lawn chairs to the park?

While we can't allow your own chairs in the park, please remember that we have provided seating for both the indoor and outdoor play park!

Q: Can I take food and/or drinks to the park?

Drinks are allowed! Because it's an off-leash park however, we don’t allow food and that's to keep the humans comfortable with no yummy distractions for the pups at play! 

Q: Can I bring my own food to the coworking space?

Yes! But please use your best judgment considering our lounge is a dog-friendly space. For example, never leave your food unattended and try to find a space away from our 4-legged guests.